Friday, October 30, 2015

BOO to YOU!!

Happy Friday friends!!  I'm ready for the weekend!! Lots going on...   Party tonight with my friends--costume style!  We are all going as Orange Is The New Black!  I'm Red---I promise to post pictures!   My scrubs that I'm wearing are so big I'm really going to look like an "orange" more than anything...  But it will be fun...  Mac is also in town and going with me..  Can't get him to do the costume thing this year so I guess we will just call him a college student..  Then after sleeping in a little on Saturday, Mac and I are taking Nana out for a little while...  Prayers appreciated to help me cope with the both of them!  I will be THRIVING for sure!!   
I even have plans on Sunday.  My sweet coworker, Brandi, is having her baby shower..  Can you believe all that is going on?  The most awesome thing is Thrive gives me the energy to go like that!  If you haven't checked out my site and what Thrive is all about, just click the link I've provided and watch the short video... 
I just can't imagine my life without this wonderful product...
I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween!!

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